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I am always thinking. Always thinking of something new, old or never thought of to do. If you had of asked me 10 years ago, would you be driving a Hearse, I would've laughed at you. Now I am a funeral celebrant, funeral director and now a hearse driver. Why a Hearse Driver? Why a Hearse?

Well, part of what I do, is always try and do things differently, or flip something on its head. The funeral industry has always been a dark, black and formal industry that know one really likes to talk about, as no one likes to talk about death in this country. People also talk about how they hate funerals, and hate hearses as well, as they are normally big black and quite ugly converted vehicles.

So I thought, why not have a vehicle that is not offensive, can be a little light hearted and even have some fun in an industry that is so stiff (excuse the pun) where everyone wears black, hats, and 3 piece suits.

This is where Harry was born from. I checked out a few van brands, and they were either really expensive, or just wouldn't do the job. The VW Caravelle came up on top for both size, looks, comfort, and features. It also meant I didn't have to cut and stretch it like all other hearses, which means, once he has had his day, he can be either a work van for someone or maybe even a transfer vehicle for me one day!

So I had this mocked up, and I thought, wow that looks perfect. I sent it around to a few FD's and they loved it!

So I placed an order, and 3 months later, he is on the road as Harry the Hearse.

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